soapbox1For this, the first edition of The Soapbox, i’ll just throw some random things out there that annoy me to no end right now:

*20 somethings who clog up my baseball game by standing in the concourse drunk trying to “tap that shit, brah!” Dude, get the fuck outta my way! I’m trying to check out the game, or get a hot dog, or get to the Smokers Gate to grab a quick smoke and you’re fucking up my progress!

*Conservatives doing the EXACT same thing they bitched about for 8 years with Liberals and Dubya. Comparing Obama to Hitler, the socialism stuff, bitching about Obama using teleprompters like he’s the first politician to ever do it…basically turning their “those damn liberals!” rantings of the last 8 years completely around without even a hint of irony. Assholes.

*Rain. Screw rain!

*NBA officiating. It’s something people who follow the sport harp on all the time but this year has been even more ridiculous. I’m living in mortal fear that all the blown calls, no calls, missed calls throughout the otherwise PERFECT Chicago/Boston series are going to comeback and haunt us (the fan) for years to come by putting a damper on arguably the Greatest Playoff Series EVER (4 overtime games in the first 6 games? That alone makes it All Time worthy.)

*People who sign up for Fantasy Baseball leagues then NEVER do anything with their team. It pisses me off…this one dude has got players I want to try to trade for but he hasn’t checked his team since the draft in mid-March. Good lord. Wouldn’t aggravate me if it didn’t happen in EVERY Baseball league I join EVERY year.

*people who think that because you regularly are seen with a book and listening to music they’ve never heard of that you are a “hipster.” Uhh…no. Just because you didn’t hear what i’m listening to in Hot Topic or on the last UFC show doesn’t make me a hipster. Just because i’m reading Chomsky (or any book really) doesn’t make me a hipster. Cut that shit out. Quick. Jackass.