nirvana Nirvana is one of those bands that a lot of people my age either absolutely love or absolutely hate with no real middle ground really. They were, in a very vague sense, my generations Beatles (thus making Pearl Jam my generations Rolling Stones…although Eddie Vedder would probably prefer to be thought of as The Who or The Ramones or something) because of the ridiculous impact they had in such a short amount of time on such a wide number of people. As time has passed a lot of people in my generation have moved onto other things and pass Nirvana off as a passing fancy of their youth and underscore the cultural impact they had for that shooting star of a time when they owned the world.

Of course, the years that have passed since Kurt Cobains death have brought the music buying public a plethora of, to be honest, cash grab releases spearheaded by Kurt Cobains crack whore of a widow. The execution of some of these things has been suspect to say the least (hello song selection of “with the lights out” box set!) some of the releases have overcome the obvious cash grabiness by sheer awesomeness alone (‘live tonight sold out’ and ‘unplugged’ dvds).

Come November you’re gonna be able to add something else (potentially) to that sheer awesomeness catagory.

Pitchfork is reporting that a DVD of Nirvana’s full, “legendary” performance at the 1992 Reading Festival is set for a November release (just in time for a Christmas shopping season naturally.)

Nirvana’s performance at England’s Reading Festival on August 30, 1992 is legendary. But it’s not one of those “hey, it’s Nirvana and everything they did is legendary” deals. The much-bootlegged set saw Kurt Cobain refuting illness rumors by slyly entering the stage in a wheelchair and hospital gown before tearing the festival into teeny tiny bits. Some rudimentary Googling and YouTubing can give you a pretty good idea of the spectacle, but as NME reports, an official DVD of the performance is on the way.

Universal plans to release the disc in November, and NME reports that it has been “officially sanctioned by the remaining members of the band” and features some never-before-seen footage. Opportunistic stocking stuffer or painstaking reissue of an essential rock’n’roll document? Time will tell.

Well alright then. Thanks to the power of the internetz here’s a taste of that performance;