poster_star_trek_xi Remember when being a nerd was not cool? Well, thanks to comic book movies and a number of other factors being a nerd is cool now I guess.

Or maybe that was the money makers plan all along.

Whatever the case may be, this weekend proves what the power of nerds combined with slick marketing designed to draw out the non-nerd crowd can accomplish:

Director JJ Abrams’ prequel to the sci-fi franchise took an estimated $76.5m (£50.3m) in its opening weekend, easily beating its nearest rival.

The figure far surpasses the opening totals of the previous 10 Trek films.

Star Trek’s impressive opening pushed previous chart-topper X-Men Origins: Wolverine down to second place, with takings of $27m

-BBC News website

I mean, look at that; Star Trek, a movie based on a cheesy sci fi TV show with a cult nerd following surpassed a movie based on a comic book.

This is by no means a new trend, the success of all the Spiderman movies…both movies in the Batman reboot…hell, even the unholy success of the Lord of The Rings have driven this to new levels with everybody in Hollywood looking for that Next Big Nerd Property that they can buy up and repackage not just to the nerds but to Soccer Moms in Topeka.

Meh. If the movies are good i’m fine with it. But, if they turn out like Spiderman 3…oof. No thanks.