twitter-logoUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last little bit you surely know by now that Twitter is THE place to be on the Intertubes these days.  Hell, even OPRAH is on there.  As an early adopter of Twitter (I started my first account in early 2008) it’s been pretty cool to watch the base of users grow over time. Now, if only the people who run Twitter would upgrade their servers so that their website would actually load and not crash out regularly everything would be fantastic.

The conundrum we have here at Real Talk Live is whether or not to start a Twitter account for the Blog. Sure it’s “the” thing to do but i’m already juggling 3 twitter accounts as it is (my personal twitter along with an account I use to stay in touch with my online gaming friends so they know when i’m gonna be on and i’m also partially in charge of a twitter account my job started.) Three acounts is a little much, so don’t you think four would be a touch bit of overkill?

Anyway, i’ve got a few readers who stop in every now and again (at least that’s what the word press stats tell me) so, what say you? Should I start a Real Talk Live Twitter? Would you follow it, let alone read it??