Better-off-Ted-new-showMid-season, ABC gave viewers a new show called “Better off Ted.” After seemingly weeks of promos running during episodes of LOST and Scrubs (the only 2 shows I watch on ABC except for the occasional NBA game) I decided to DVR it and check it out. 2 weeks after it debuted I decided to get caught up on my DVR’d episodes and instantly fell in love with the show. It was the best comedy i’ve seen debut on network TV since Arrested Development showed up on Fox. I was just afraid that this show would meet the same fate as that ill-fated piece of television excellence. However, this morning, news broke that I had nothing to worry about for at least 1 more season:

the renewals and pick-ups are flying fast and furious this weekend. On the heels of Fox’s big Dollhouse reprieve, ABC has handed second-season renewals to Castle and Better Off Ted. Scrubs, meanwhile, will return for a ninth season (Zach Braff will be back for six episodes).

So to that, I salute you ABC.

The other intriguing bit of news in that is the news that Scrubs will in, fact, be back for a 9th season. I guess as long as Dr Cox, Bob Kelso, Janitor and the gruff blond resident that JD insisted on calling “Joe” are on the show i’ll keep watching. Well, actually, as long as Dr Cox and Janitor on the show i’ll watch.

Lots of TV news going around right now…all this while i’m STILL trying to recover from the LOST season finale.