Where ya you gone Jack Bauer? One time you were THE ass kicking vision of America in the 21st Century. Bauer was perfect for a post 9/11 America; take no shit, give no quarter and ALWAYS get the necessary info to save lives even if he did break a few torture laws in the process.

And, while that Jack Bauer may still exist somewhere in the void, this current version of Mr Bauer is…umm…different. And, “Day 7” of 24 is none the better for it.


This past season (which came to a whimpering conclusion last night) had started off with such promise. Maybe it was the change in locale to D.C., maybe it was the introduction of the impossibly cute  FBI Agent Walker (her freckles are AMAZING in HD), maybe it was the writer strike induced extended break between seasons…whatever the case, 24 was making BIG strides to make fans forget the nuke it from orbit trainwreck that was Season 6.

Then at some point, a point I can’t exactly pin point really, the wheels came flying off and we were left with another “Kim’s in danger, Jack might be dying, being President is the HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD” melodrama that has become a stain on the legacy of what should go down as one of the all time great TV action drama shows.

And, if you didn’t see that Tony Almeda turn coming last night you either A)haven’t paid attention to “Frivolous Plot Twisting 101” as pioneered by M. Night Shamalanadingdong in his movies OR B)you’re dead from the neck up.

So predictable. So ridiculous. Just like the last half or so of this season of 24.