foxxsinatra So in the last couple days news has surfaced that Martin Scorsese is going to do a biopic for The Chairman of The Board Frank Sinatra. And why not? The last 10 years or so that biopic gravy train has given us Ray and Walk The Line, two pretty solid films with at least one landmark all time great performance (Jamie Foxx’s portrayl of Ray Charles.)

Apparently Defamer, in all the snark they could muster, thought Jamie Foxx would be PERFECT to play the VERY caucasian and VERY Italian Sinatra. It was very much a joke…internet sarcasm and snark in it’s typical form. Apparently it is true that it really is impossible to detect sarcasm on the internet (at least for some people):

Last week we made a joke that Jamie Foxx should play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming biopic about the singer. Well, now Brit tabloids are making the same joke, except they call it “reporting.”

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