person_rush_limbaugh_cigarI am not a Rush Limbaugh fan in the slightest. I think he is the worst of the fear mongering, blathering wack jobs that permiate talk radio. Not ALL talk radio hosts/personalities are fear mongering blathering wack jobs, some of them are quite entertaining and make some very good points about the direction of this country, regardless of which side of the policatal fence they fall on. But Limbaugh (along with Hannity, Beck, Bill-O…you know, the big boys with the big audiences) is the ring leader of the crazy. And, as much as I hate to admit it Al Franken was wrong about him, he’s not an idiot. At least not in the sense we associate with that word. He’s actually quite the brilliant manipulator. And that, along with the sheer scope and size of the platform he has makes him DANGEROUS.

For the sake of full disclosure; I am a registered Democrat. I voted for Obama and have voted for a Democrat in every Presidental election since I turned 18. But this has nothing to do with me being on the other side of the political fence as Limbaugh. I find that ALL politicans are snakes and untrustworthy regardless of party affiliation, I just find myself agreeing with Democrats more than Republicans. What makes Limbaugh dangerous and smart is the masterful way he plays the so called “Liberal Media” to give him free press and publicity just by uttering his name….by daring them, MSNBC in particular, to go “30 days without” saying his name at all. Of course MSNBC, with tounge firmly planted in check probably, didn’t bite and kept doing what they do. Therefore giving Limbaugh an entire segment or 3 worth of material to shell out to his Sheeple.

So, what does all this mean? Well look no further than Limabughs ongoing talking points that President Obama is turning into Hugo Chavez a little bit more everyday. Tell me, how is this any different than Liberal Bloggers and 20-somethings calling President Bush every negative name under the sun his entire time in office and drawing the wrath of you and your ilk for being un-American and “supporting our enemies” by not showing blind support to YOUR parties President? How is what you’re doing now ANY DIFFERENT? I mean, other than you have a gazillion weak minded people listening to your every word and repeating it verbatim as the gospel truth! “Rush said it so it MUST be the truth!”

I get that you’re an entertainer, Limbaugh. And you have to do what you have to do to entertain your audience. But what you’re doing is the most DANGEROUS kind of thing; you’re spouting off whatever random shit comes to mind to voice your negative opinion of the current administration without running any kind of “thse are my opinions and my opinions alone! do not take my words as the gospel truth” disclaimer and you’re rallying the troops to do everything but overthrow the government.

Kinda reminds me of a historical figure with the same kind of blindly loyal following who took every word he said as the asbolute unquestioned truth. Short german guy…had a funny moustache…killed a few million folks because HE thought it was WHAT HAD TO BE DONE.

Yeah. I said it.