At the risk of coming off as ‘Captain Obvious’ it’s fairly safe to say that Gay Marriage is a divisive issue. I personally have no problem with two people of the same sex getting married. Hell, why not. It’s not like it affects my day to day life in any way, shape or form. And, while I don’t see why people would get so worked being against the idea of it (I mean…really…how does it affect YOUR life. It doesn’t. In the slightest) I am fine with people having their opinion. Whatever. I don’t agree with you personally, but that’s the joy of America; you have the right to your opinion and I have mine.

And then you have jagoffs like Brenda Lee.

You see, Brenda Lee is a “journalist” for a monthly publication (The Georgia Informer) in Macon, Georgia. And she is totally against the idea of two people of the same sex being married. And, in her infinite wisdom, she decided she needed to share this belief with President Obama in the most direct way possible; by delivering a handwritten letter to him as he prepared to board Air Force One. Her logic? She has White House Press Credentials (according to her) so why shouldn’t she be allowed to get 2 seconds of face time with the President?

Oddly enough, the Secret Service didn’t see it that way. And, seeing as how it is their job to make sure that every whack job in the world with a grudge or an opinion doesn’t get within sneezing distance of the President without being properly vetted and run through security they expressed as much to Ms. Lee. She didn’t like that too much and more or less said the hell with it. She stayed the course in an effort to pass notes to the President, warning from Secret Service be damned.

Wanna guess how that plan turned out? Well….