For the record I love Hydra Head Records. They are, along with Deathwish Inc, one of my favorite record labels. They almost always put out solid material. They’ve released a number of albums I love from bands that I dig. But, sometimes, even the greats make stupid choices.

plateThat’s right; commemorative PLATES. From the Hydra Headlines Blog:

The Big Business Mind the Drift LP is currently available through us here and here. To mark this glorious occasion, we have produced special BIG BUSINESS MIND THE DRIFT COMMEMORATIVE CERAMIC COLLECTOR’S PLATES, limited to 96.

I love the new Big Business album. It’s really really good. But…this? Really? I mean, I understood when you did the Harvey Milk stadium cups…kinda goofy, no worries. I understand when you released the vinyl toy in conjunction with Isis’s “In Absence of Truth”…it tied into the artwork in a way. Again, no worries.

But friggin PLATES?

I get that that this kind of kitschy thing is kinda cool and “in” these days. But, come ON Hydra head! How about instead of trying to come up with the most head scratchingly “ironic” album tie in possible how about, in the words of my friend Nick, you make your new VINYL releases a little easier to get.

While you’re at it…stop releasing EVERY thing that your label releases on some super exclusive ultra rare vinyl. All your doing is making the secondary market that much more ridiculous because of forced/perceived rarity and you’re probably further pushing the vinyl bubble closer to bursting. It’s getting laughable at this point.

I love ya Hydra Head, but enough is enough.