When I started this blog, I started it as a way to post about things that catch my attention or, in some cases, maybe post a rant about something that aggravates me. I figured if 10 people a day read it (even if 8 of those people were just friends of mine with nothing better to do) I’d be just fine.  So, I didn’t start this blog with delusions of grandeur of shoving my opinions down peoples throats.

Also I like to think that outside of my “Al Franken Was Wrong. Sort of.” entry I’ve managed to stay away from the “heavy” stuff. There are many blogs that cover that kind of thing and cover it much better than I could ever hope to. All I want to do is share some random,  funny or cool videos … or share some random opinions on random subjects. That’s pretty much my aim here.

But, the murder over the weekend of George Tiller is something different. Something I just have to express an opinion on.

TillerYes, it’s true, that yesterday I posted a somewhat snarky entry making reference to the Tiller murder by way of posting a Bill Hicks bit where, among other things, we lampoon the concept of people who call themselves “pro life” going out and killing people. But that doesn’t change what this incident is: Murder in cold blood.

Of course, there are those that would and do argue that this is retribution for the tens of thousands of fetuses that Dr. Tiller aborted in his clinic. Is that a pleasant thought? Absolutely not. Do I personally have a problem with abortion? No. Not at all. Most importantly abortion is ultimately the choice of the woman. I mean, that’s common sense right? Well you’d think that anyway. A lot of people want to tell women what to do and how to do it all the time; even when it comes to choices about THEIR bodies.

Look, I understand abortion is a very divisive issue that can turn the most rational person into a raving lunatic. And that’s true regardless of which side of the argument they happen to fall on. But that doesn’t change the fact this was a MURDER. Arguing that he got what he deserved or some other ridiculous statement is just that; ridiculous. This man was not Pol Pot, or Hitler or any other horrific villian from the past. He was a Doctor who provided a service. Whether you like or agree with the service it was a service all the same. The reality and the truth is we DON’T live in some Utopian, morally perfect society. There are women who, for whatever reason, decide it’s what is necessary. And, while I don’t personally have a problem with abortion I do think late term abortions, unless absolutely necessary to save the life of the mother for whatever reason, are savage. Just unpleasant to think about, really. But does that mean I’m going to scream at a woman she shouldn’t do it? Hell no.

And the savage nature of the service Dr. Tiller provided doesn’t justify him being murdered.

If you think otherwise, I don’t want to be in the same room…let alone on the same planet…as you.