But, sadly, you know she won’t. she’ll hang on long enough to be annoying then, when her “star” starts to finally fade she’ll take Letterman up on his offer and show up on his show. Republicans will cry that it was a BRILLIANT move (completely ignoring that they were a couple pitchforks and torches short of a full scale riot against Letterman not that long ago) and continue to fawn over her as the FUTURE of the Party…even though the only real “high profile” political job she’s ever had (other than Presidential Election prop) she abruptly quit without much of an explanation (unless you count HORRIBLE basketball metaphors as an explanation). So, basically, you’re a pretty face with ZERO credible political experience and you were brought into the fold last year in a ridiculously transparent attempt to get disgruntled Hil-Dawg Clinton voters to vote Republican. You are disgusting as a parent because you USE your children as props for your political career then bitch to high hell when somebody says something about it, claiming that they shouldn’t be using your children as a target. And you’re right about that Sarah…BUT you MADE them targets. YOU put the the bullseye on their chest when you trotted them out to make yourself look like “Joe Citizen.”

You are a failure, Sarah Palin. And Republicans would be better off if they just forgot about you….


On second thought, stick around Sarah. Seeing the Republican Party crash and burn on every level is so very fun.