summer is in full swing and that means the days of riding in your car with the windows down and the music up is in full swing. If you can manage to get away from your Michael Jackson mp3’s for a little bit you should add these to your summer music rotations:

wolfgang-amadeus-phoenix Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
“This album is pure shining genius from a band rife with unique sound and creativity, a gift that the American public is starved for in these vapid, manufactured-Disney-pop times.”

“This time around, Phoenix have completely outdone their previous work on a record chock full of hits that can stand on their own, yet also bring the album together into one cohesive whole, showcasing Phoenix’s ability to work for casual listeners as well as the most musically inclined.”

grouchandeligh_sayge_LRGThe Grouch and Eligh – Say G & E
“this album was a pure masterpiece….grouch and eligh have a real gem here…i’m surprised this album didn’t get more buzz….every track on here has a bangin beat, super original samples, heavy bass drums, and top notch production value. so many good tracks to list, i would pretty much name every track on here….but the standout bangers are boom and sign of the times….the sign of the times track has an amazing hook and melodic “humming” beat…i seriously got chills and was singing along by the second verse….very catchy music, hard core hip hoppers to the indie scene hip hoppers could enjoy…the production alone is enough to lay it on the line for this album….there were a couple of hooks that weren’t as catchy as i would have thought but that was it….if i could give it 10 stars i would…no disapointment possible….something for everyone on this one!!” user/buyer review