If you turned on a TV on 7/7 you were undoubtedly greeted by images of the extravagant Going Away Party that the City of LA gave to Michael Jackson. This thing was HUGE. Pomp and Circumstance, over the top, just a LARGE celebration of a dead pedophiles life.

Apparently nobody stopped to say “you know, the economy is in a serious funk right now. our city is broke, we just had a monstrous celebration we really couldn’t afford after the Lakers won the NBA title. Why are we doing this again? He wasn’t even FROM here! Let Gary, Indiana have the going away party!!”

Well now it’s too late and the Piper has to be paid so to speak. How does a broke city go about doing that? By soliciting donations via PayPal of course!


It’s no wonder the Mayor of LA is so disliked even Kobe Bryant doesn’t want to be within 50 feet of him.

Of course there’s more to the insanity/circus around the death of Michael Jackson. Take for example Geraldo Rivera. Now, normally, Geraldo is a punchline (or punching bag if you’re a skinhead with a chair to throw)  but, for once, he actually said something that…
A)makes sense
B)is 100% on point

What words of wisdom  did The Mustache drop on us? Well;

“The vast majority of the people in that hall,” Geraldo said, “and certainly ninety nine percent of the celebrities who have come to this memorial did not stand anywhere near Michael Jackson during the years he was accused of those horrible crimes, and they didn’t say, ‘We believe him innocent, they didn’t say let the case go where it may, let the facts prove innocence or guilt.’ They just disappeared, and now they have resurfaced to celebrate his life.

“That is entirely fitting I’m sure,” Geraldo said, “but I personally can’t get over the memory of 2005. When Michael Jackson stood essentially alone and accused and convicted in the minds of many of the most perverse crime.”

Well said, Geraldo. If this were an 80’s movie you’d be getting a slow clap right now.