the last TRUE news man is gone…
cronkiteSean McManus, current President of CBS News (where Walter Cronkite RULED for decades) said it best:

“There probably will never be anybody who has the presence and the stature and the importance that Walter Cronkite had in this country,” Mr. McManus said in a telephone interview, recalling what he told his children.

“I tried to explain to them that most people in America expected to get both good and bad news from one man, and that was Walter Cronkite,” he said. “That will never be duplicated again,” because of the fragmentation of the media.”
-New York Times

To really get an idea of the power of Cronkite, for the way he had with words and the ability to deliver them you really need look no further than the way he handled a breaking and developing story of national importance in the the Fall of 1963;

Yeah, lets see the talking heads in the 24 hour news cycle have that kind of powerful and meaningful delivery even ONCE in their life.

Sad day. To paraphrase the words of an equally legendary news man; Goodnight, and, good luck Mr Cronkite.