well at least it should be….

According to Variety, Robert Rodriguez has announced much of the cast for Machete, and it is one hell of a cast. Joining Danny Trejo will be Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jessica Alba. Also, Cheech Marin and Jeff Fahey, who were in the Grindhouse trailer will be back for the big screen version. Rumors of Lindsay Lohan joining the cat are also true. Finally, Don Johnson and Steven Seagal have been confirmed for the project. There was no confirmation on Jonah Hill, who had recently been offered a part.

So, maybe you’re not familiar with the glory of “Machette.” I can understand that, it’s possible you didn’t go to to see Grindhouse when it was in it’s original 3+ hour theatrical run before the Weinsteins cut into to two seperate movies to try and recoup some money. So you wouldn’t have seen The Trailer:

this is going to kick 500 kinds of ass.