Blogging has been very sporatic lately due to life, as they say, getting in the way.  So i’ll fill you in on some of my favorite things of late.

“Outliers”, Malcom Gladwell’s fantastic book about what makes somebody successful

Everybody likes to think they know what makes a person a successful person and those “beliefs” we hold are just “the way it is.” What Gladwell works to do here is disprove some of those long held convictions or beliefs by exaiming factors that most people don’t even realize are in play. Like, for example, why are almost ALL the best hockey players born in January, February and March? The fascinating thing about this question is we are able to apply the answer to just about any measure of what makes a person a “sucess” in their education too.

Maybe this doesn’t seem fascinating to you, maybe it does, but it just scratches the surface of what’s in play here and really will make you stop and examine how one becomes a success. And, best of all? Not a sparking vampire insight here. What? You mean you didn’t hear?? ALL books are about sparking emo vampire who don’t kill people. At least that’s what the kids tell me.

“Batman: Arkham Asylum” video game for Xbox 360
Arkham Asylum XBox 360

Everything about this game is just great. The graphics, the story, the controllers, the voice work everything! The voice work is of particular note because if you’re familiar with the Batman animated series from the early 90’s that Paul Dini was responsible for then you’re in for a treat here. Not only did Paul Dini write the story for this game, but the producers brought the animated series Batman along for the ride to voice The Dark Knight (Kevin Conroy) they brought along the series Joker too, a guy you may have heard of; Mark Hamill. Who, up until Heath Ledger knocked it outta the park in “The Dark Knight, had been my favorite adaption of the Joker. So, yeah, they didn’t screw around with this one.

“Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King” album

I bought this album the week it came out earlier this summer, listened to it and dug it then it kind of got lost in the constant shuffle of my skitzo music listening habits. Then, in early August, I got a chance to see Dave Matthews Band live for the first time in entirely to long. Since then, since hearing a handful of these songs live (especially ‘The Way I Am’ and ‘Timebomb’) my interest in this album has been born anew. It really is such a good album. It’s a damn shame that a lot of people won’t recognize that fact since it’s the Dave Matthews Band and they have that pre-conceived “frat boy music” stigma in their minds.