beatles7A video game. A re-released and remastered music catalog. Renewed interest in the most influential musicians of all time. Somebody paying $17,000+ for a custom Beatles Xbox…wait…what??

…a limited edition “The Beatles: Rock Band” Xbox 360 console. The rare Xbox 360 console featuring illustrations from the eye-popping cinematic intro to “The Beatles: Rock Band” attracted more than 110 bids from around the globe, finally raising $17,300 for the charity in its 10 day online auction.

With $17,300 raised from the auction of the first limited edition Xbox 360 console, Doctors Without Borders will be able to purchase the equipment needed to carry out 86,500 immunizations using auto-disposable syringes, or purchase enough emergency kits composed of drugs and medical supplies to meet the basic needs of more than 2,800 people for 15 days in the aftermath of a disaster. Only a small number of these numbered, Beatles-themed Xbox 360 consoles will ever be available to the public with all proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Information on the release of the remaining limited edition consoles in regions worldwide is coming soon to

In a word; WOW.

I love the Beatles as much as the next Beatles fan…but 17 grand for a custom Xbox console that, well, only a customized case as far as I know? That’s ABSURD. At least the money was for a good cause and going 100% to charity though.

Speaking of Beatlemania 2.0; I got around to diving into the remasters today. I’ve decided to try and buy remastered albums i’ve never owned a physical copy of first. I settled on the White Album because I currently don’t own a copy of it, or at least I didn’t before earlier this afternoon. I had a copy of it at one time…but over the years i’ve somehow managed to lose it. I’m not sweating it though, the newly remastered stereo version is fantastic. Lush and full sounding a PROPER representation of what the Beatles could do. Up next on my to get list?  Rubber Soul.