I’ve been meaning to write about “Basterds” for a couple of weeks now but, as you may have noticed, updates have been sparse and thin lately. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway, long story short: I really really dig this movie. Are there things about it that irked me? Sure. If you haven’t seen the movie and want to you might want to skip the next little bit…

The thing that really aggravates me? Nowhere NEAR enough focus on the actual “Natzee” killin Basterds. I know Tarrantino plays by his own rules and it’s his M.O. to split the story and focus MORE on what you’d think would be the secondary story (even though it all ties together in the end)  but even the most fevered fan would have to admit it’s a bit of a pisser that QT’s “WW2 Guys on a Mission” DREAM project that he’s been talking about/writing/making in some form or another for damn near 15 years would actually feature more of the actual guys on an actual mission.

With that in mind it has to be said; When the Basterds are on screen it is truly great. Brad Pitt of course is the draw here and he doesn’t fall flat. His accent is WAY over the top but something about it just adds to the character, it’s as vital to him as the big ass knife he uses with vigor in the movie.

I’m not going to bore you with a full blown review, because by this point if you’re interested in the movie you’ve probably already read all the reviews you need. I just felt it necessary to talk about a movie that I really did thoroughly enjoy that as of right now ranks next to “The Hangover” as one of the two best movies I’ve seen this year.