Been getting a noticeable amount of traffic lately. Nothing overwhelming or jaw dropping,but enough of number to make me nod approvingly since I don’t really do anything to promote this blog. And enough, as you may have noticed, to make me decide to change up the look a little bit. Granted, most of that traffic is coming because of my cheap Erin Andrews name dropping, which may be due for a change since she’s done Oprah and once you do Oprah you’ve pretty much peaked. Unless another scuzzy peephole naked video hits the internet…but that’s neither here nor there.
EDITORS NOTE – Update – 10:00AM  Sept 30 – Obviously that Erin Andrews/cheap hits box has been changed since I posted this. I will now use it to recommend a particular album I’m currently listening to on perpetual repeat.

Anyway, trying to figure out exactly what direction I want to go in…or if I even want to go in any direction at all. Some things I’ve kicked around adding as occasional/random features are:

  • a monthly podcast of some sort
  • creating and uploading “mixtapes” of some of my favorite music
  • working on getting some interviews (authors, etc)

…just to name a few.

Pretty much everything and anything is a possibility at this point. I don’t know that I’ll ever get back to my 2, 3, 4 updates a day frequency of the first month or two of this blog but i’m going to try and make an effort to update more frequently than I have been. So, keep checking back. You never know at this point what might show up.