October 2009

If you’re a guy this movie is REQUIRED VIEWING when it is released. Other names in the movie not mentioned on the poster; “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Randy Coture and Doph Lundgren.

Here’s a link to the trailer
…prepare for testosterone overload and pure awesome!


Last week, I got my hands on a copy of  “Inventory”, the ‘ultimate guide of more than 100 pop-culture lists guaranteed to create national consternation and debate.’ The book comes to us from the fantastic A.V. Club branch of The Onion and, while I don’t know if the lists will spark national consternation and debate it is absolutely a fun book to read. Hell, if you (like me) tend to stuff your memory with arcane pop-culture references for no reason other than you never know when you might need to know enough to debate vital things like “which TV character defined the 80’s” (for the record i’d argue until I was blue in the face that Alex P. Keaton is the VERY DEFINITION of the 80’s…), then this book is about to be your new Bible.

Or at least it will be until the next “Book of Arcane Lists” is released.

Really though this is a very fun book and I highly recommend it. It’s a great book to just pick up and thumb through then put down and come back to whenever you feel the need. Not having a plot and character development to worry about makes that easy to achieve.

So, yeah, get this book.  I mean, come on, it’s affiliated with The Onion so you KNOW it’s gonna be good.

**Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5**

The first of what may (or may not, depending on if I remember to do it) where I remind you of the awesomeness of an album that was released at least 5 years ago or more.
SFTDQOTSAFirst up for Diggin In The Crates is Queens of the Stone Age’s epic “Songs for The Deaf.” The last QOTSA album to feature Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri AND Mark Lanegan together it also brought the drumming services of Dave Grohl out of mothballs and I think utimately that’s what puts it over the top. Sure, “Rated R” (their album prior to this one) is a classic in it’s own right and some of the subsequent albums, while not reaching this high water mark, are good in their own right but something about the prescence of Dave Grohl puts this over the top.

Anyway, if you’ve got this album in your collection dig it out and give it a spin. If you’ve never listened to the album go out and buy it today. Don’t download it, BUY IT. It’s worth your money.

Here’s a little sample of the rock…”Go With The Flow.”

some MOVIES don’t get trailers this good, let alone video games.

Modern Warfare 2…this game will be EPIC.

Here’s a gratutious picture of Erin Andrews just for the hell of it. I mean, it’s Monday…we all need cheered up right?

Here’s some links to REAL TALK’s coverage of the Erin Andrews “Controversy”:
The Controversy
The Resolution

And here, just to prove my point about how absurdly just talking about Erin Andrews can affect the amount of traffic you can get is the latest traffic/page visits info for TODAY (current as of 1:15pm)


And that’s just hits for my OLD article about E.A. Imagine what it’ll look like once my entry from earlier this morning starts showing up in search engines!

Not bad for a randomly updated blog that really has no particular focus…

Some time ago, I posted a little something about the Erin Andrews peephole video controversy. And, naturally, it proceeded to become by far the most read thing I’ve posted on this blog since it started. So, naturally, I felt like we needed a follow up since today news has broke that there seems to be some resolution.

Michael Barrett was arrested Friday and was to appear in court Saturday on a charge of interstate stalking, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison, the FBI said.

The best part of this story other than the guy getting caught? It was revealed that he tried to sell the video initially to TMZ.com and they turned it down. Now, I don’t know how familiar you are with TMZ but they’re pretty much bottom feeding paparazzi so either the guy wanted WAY more money than they were willing to give (probable) or even THEY thought this was beyond creepy and scuzzy and didn’t want anything to do with it (*ding, ding, ding! we have a winner!!)

When reached for comment Ms. Andrews reaction to the arrest was something like this:

*editors note*: Erin Andrews was not in fact contacted by Real Talk. that is meant to be goofy. how sad is it that I even have to post this disclaimer just to make sure my ass is covered?*

Anyway, I for one am glad that this story seems to have reached some sort of conclusion. Or at least the beginning of a conclusion since I guess it won’t be concluded entirely until this dipshit is in prison. But, hey, maybe now we can go back to just watching ESPN football and enjoy E.A. without the specter of this incident hanging over her head…

I doubt it. But, hey, anything’s possible right?

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