The first of what may (or may not, depending on if I remember to do it) where I remind you of the awesomeness of an album that was released at least 5 years ago or more.
SFTDQOTSAFirst up for Diggin In The Crates is Queens of the Stone Age’s epic “Songs for The Deaf.” The last QOTSA album to feature Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri AND Mark Lanegan together it also brought the drumming services of Dave Grohl out of mothballs and I think utimately that’s what puts it over the top. Sure, “Rated R” (their album prior to this one) is a classic in it’s own right and some of the subsequent albums, while not reaching this high water mark, are good in their own right but something about the prescence of Dave Grohl puts this over the top.

Anyway, if you’ve got this album in your collection dig it out and give it a spin. If you’ve never listened to the album go out and buy it today. Don’t download it, BUY IT. It’s worth your money.

Here’s a little sample of the rock…”Go With The Flow.”