November 2009

I recently bought a new laptop and, as luck would have it, this fancy new laptop of mine came preloaded with Windows 7. Now I, like oh…everybody else, HATE Windows Vista. But, Windows 7? Now this is an OS I can get behind. Runs smooth and fast…has lots of nice customization options…clean looks….it’s the OS Vista wished it could be.

Wait? What’s that you say?? Google’s working on an O.S. based around the concepts started with their wicked awesome Chrome browser??



**EDITORS NOTE** – It has been brought to my attention by a friend that this letter comes off as “kind of insulting or demanding.” I promise that was not my intention. So I apologize to anybody from Infinity Ward who may read this (or may have already read this) and thought/thinks that was the case. I’m just an aggravated consumer with a blog who decided to climb up on his soap box for a second.

Dear Infinity Ward;

Congratulations on the success so far of your latest MONSTER from the Call of Duty series. Modern Warfare 2 is a beautiful game with many new and/or improved things that can and will keep gamers such as myself occupied for days/weeks/hours/months trying to dig into. There are so many wonderful asthetic improvements that make the game look so amazing that it’s hard to really wrap my brain around even sitting here at my laptop.  So, congratulations on making the video game equivalent of crack cocaine. It’s that good.

Well, at least in parts it is.

It would seem, from where I’m sitting, that while you put a TON of effort into the bells and whistles and shinny parts you let one major problem slip through the cracks; online play.

Now, it boggles my mind how you could let a substandard multiplayer build release when it’s easily the most popular and used part of your games everytime. But, from what I have gathered in conversations with fellow MW2 fans and people who are more versed in the tech side of these things it’s something that could have possibly been fixed if a beta version had been released. But that time has come and gone. Now is the time to get the patches out and get them out PRONTO.

The word I keep hearing tossed around is “latency.” Like; “sounds like a latency issue to me.”  Allow me a couple bullet points to illustrate the problems some of us seem to be running into. Some of this is my own experiences, others are experiences friends of mine have had.

  • Numerous (too many to count) instances of getting the drop on a guy, unloading half a clip at a close to medium range from my weapon, watching the bullets fly into him while he runs around like the Terminator then turns and drops me in one or two shots. Then watching the “kill cam” and seeing, from the other players perspective either me not taking a single shot or seeing bullets fly all around him only to watch him drop me with a seemingly impossible headshot.
  • Instances of coming up on a guy with his back turned, putting the barrell to his head, pulling trigger, having nothing happen then watching the guy turn and knife me dead
  • Seeing a guy barely peek around the corner from my perspective, taking a shot and missing (even though the acog or laser sight was square on the guys head) then having him drop me from seemingly around the corner. Then watching the kill cam and seeing the guy, from his perspective, come around the corner and see me standing there. taking enough time to aim that he could tie his shoes and eat a sandwich in the same amount of time then dropping me.

These are just three of many complaints I’ve got or friend of mine have. But I think you get the idea.

So what do we do from here?

Listen, I’m not some kid who wants to find every loophole possible to put up “l33t” scores. I’m an adult who plays these games to have fun and escape the stresses of the day. It’s kind of hard to do that when you’re fighting the urge to sling your controller across the room after the 5th time in a given match where you KNOW you just smoked a guy only to watch him not die then go and take you out instead.

Like I said, the game is great and has so many excellent features. It’s just lacking in this one, kind of important, area. Here’s to hoping it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

OMOIT2While it’s true I haven’t been posting as much over here lately I haven’t forgotten about it. In fact, just this week I have decided to evolve the Real Talk brand a little and make things easier to follow.

I have started RANDOM REAL TALK on Tumblr. As the description there says in oh so simple terms; “quotes. pictures. whatever.” Pretty much sums it all up very nicely.

Basically, the times I’ve posted random pictures or one or two line quotes here? That’s going to now be on the Tumblr version of Real Talk leaving this space for more thought out things/writeups/columns/features/opinions/reviews.

So check the link on the upper left hand column and adjust your bookmarks accordingly.