The Great Snow Storm of 2009, the strongest snow storm this part of the country had seen in about 11 years, has come and gone. Hundreds of thousands are still without power and some are still without heat. People are busting their asses to get things fixed and running again but the storm was just so overwhelming.  Of course, there’s still the matter of dealing with some hurt feelings because there are those who were stuck on I-77 for 20+ hours because nobody thought that a highway running through curvy mountainroads needed to be shutdown until the second day of the storm when the damage, so to speak, had already been done and people were working on day 2 of sleeping in their cars on the side of the road.

In fact, I have a photo from the press conference announcing the shut down of I-77.

Spokesperson: All is well. Do not panic. Folks, folks…calm down. We are in control!

(shout out to my friend Chris for the photo of the snowman in his yard)