I have recently been turned onto the excellence of Tim Barry’s solo material. I picked up a copy of his “Manchester” album, listened to it almost non-stop for 2 days, then proceeded to order everything I could get my hands on. So, it goes with out saying that news of a new album sets my interest meter to “high.”

The new album, “28th & Stonewall” is due January 26th. This is a video for track 13 on that album, ‘Memento Mori,’ compliments of Vinyl Collective

Tim describes the video as a homemade video and the footage gives you a brief look into Tim’s life when not on the road playing music. Take a look, the video is very cool.


If you’re interested in getting the album, well, Vinyl Collective has that info covered as well;

The album is slated for release on January 26th, 2010. You might be wondering when we are going to post a pre-order; well, that is a great question my friends. We have made it a new year’s resolution not to post pre-orders before we have test pressings and it looks as though we will have test pressings by week’s end. If that happens and the test pressings are approved, we will post a pre-order late this week or early next week. To give you a head’s up, the pre-order will involve CD, Vinyl, and deluxe set. With the vinyl, we have decided that unless the artist opposes, we will only be doing one run on color vinyl and every pressing thereafter will be on black vinyl. I guess you can say we are getting tired of all the colors. The first pressing will be 500 on colored vinyl, and 1,500 on black. Every repress will be on black and the only thing that will change will be the label art to distinguish which pressing it is.