I’ve been wanting to create and upload a mix of different music i’m into to post here for a couple months now, but for one reason or another I’d never got around to it. Better late than never and all that I suppose.

Anyway, here’s a random collection of music i’m digging lately that i’ve thrown together for you to check out. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it. No theme. Just a collection of different songs for you to check out. Maybe you’ve heard some of this stuff, maybe not. Maybe you’ll like it and maybe you won’t. But you can at least check it out right? Doesn’t cost anything.

You can download the zip file by clicking HERE

And here’s the tracklist:

timz and hood chek – smiff n wessun
retnia sees rewind – cave in
treat me like your mother – the dead weather
zombie barricades – the company band
love comes close – cold cave
together cross the happy river – chris wollard and the ship thieves
dark horse – converge
ocean in the way – dinosaur jr
wild ox moan – coalesce
these are my twisted words – radiohead
found art – big buisness
new fang – them crooked vultures
this november – tim barry
I am extraordinary – blacklisted