There are just some websites/blogs/whatever that I find myself reading every waking day. Whether it’s through Google Reader or actually going to the sites URL and reading some things are just as much a part of my daily routine as coffee and the right out of bed morning piss. Die Hipster, for the longest time, was part of that routine.

Die Hipster is a website that existed with one purpose; to call the Hipsters of NYC out on their bullshit. That’s it. Cut and dry. Now, i’m not a citizen of NYC but I still find your stereotypical hipster to be an annoying subspecies of culture that deserves our mockery. It’s true that I have been known to listen to some “hipstery” bands, drink “hipstery” beer (sorry, I really do like PBR and not because it’s ironic) and I do run a blog after all but I”m not some trust fund baby. I (along with my wife) work hard to pay our rent, keep the lights on, etc.  And that, more than anything, is what separates me from your average hipster.

Anyway, back to talking about Die Hipster. It was a part of my daily routine right up until one day it just disappeared. Poof, gone. No trace except for an empty URL. However, it would seem that last month (as I just found out) it has returned. Naturally this makes me happy. I mean, I am typing this right now aren’t I? If I wasn’t excited at this development do you think i’d be taking the time to type all this out and post it for you?

Anyway, check it out. It’s good for a chuckle; DIE HIPSTER