Sometimes it pays to actually watch commericals on TV. I know, a strange thought in this day of Tivo and DVR (I have the latter) but every once in a while you learn something that you might not have other wise found out.

A couple months back I purchased a new laptop, a fantasticly priced Acer with all the bells and whistles I was looking for AND Windows 7 to boot. Now, I absolutely hate/hated Vista so I was leery about what 7 was going to bring to the table. But after a month or so of hearing some very positive things in the blogosphere I fired up my new laptop to discover that, yes, I really enjoyed the new things 7 brings to the table.

When it comes to things like that I tend to just  fire it up and go, with the hope of discovering neat and new functionality as I go along. However, Windows TV marketing campaign had other ideas and filled me in on a function that I might not have otherwise discovered that has, in fact, become a very useful feature for a multi-tasker such as myself:

I’m constantly working on multiple things (hell I’ve got 3 tabs open on this browser as we speak) so the ability to divide my screen space in half and maximize my time? What a brilliant idea. So glad I was watching something live and not on DVR, otherwise I would have fast forwarded right through this brilliantly simple little function.