A couple posts ago I talked about the new Tim Barry song “Memento Mori” and even posted the official video for the track. In that post I mentioned Tim’s new album “28th and Stonewall” would be dropping later this month. Well, as of today, Vinyl Collective has opened up pre-ordered and they are not messing around:

Today, I am excited to share with you the pre-order we have just posted for Tim Barry’s upcoming 3rd album, “28th & Stonewall”. It feels like a lifetime since Tim first announced that he was recording a demo; we have luckily been along for the entire journey. “28th & Stonewall” is quickly becoming my favorite of Tim Barry’s releases, but I will let you be the judge of that. You have hopefully seen or heard the album’s first single, “Thing of the Past”. The song starts off the record and gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The album’s street date is Tuesday, January 26th, 2010. We have CDs in stock right now and will be sending CDs as early as next week. If you order the deluxe set, we will send the CD next week, too, as a few of the deluxe set items will be a little behind schedule. The vinyl is also a little bit behind the January 26th street date as we are expecting to receive the vinyl closer to the end of January or first few days of February.

With this release, we are planning to press a single colored variant on our LPs. For this album, we will be pressing 500 on Black w/ White and Grey vinyl (kind of like the Red Scare version of Cobra Skulls American Rubicon). The rest of the pressing will be on black vinyl and all future represses will be on black vinyl. The LP comes with a mp3 download coupon. There is a test pressing contest for this album; enter to win by purchasing a copy of this album.

For a limited time, the LP and CD orders will come with a free Tim Barry coozie and button. This will end as supplies end.

For the deluxe set, we have a limited number of sets where you will receive a copy of the LP on black vinyl, a CD, a pint glass, a t-shirt, a button, a poster, and a coozie. The merch will read “Raising Hell and Living Cheap” which was lifted from the lyrics for “Thing of the Past”.

I’ve got to say; I discovered Vinyl Collective back in late November and since then I’ve found that they are a great bunch of guys who just want to get the music out there. Their e-store is well stocked and very well run. I expect nothing but good things from the way this pre-order will be handled and cannot wait to get my hands on it. Kudos, Vinyl Collective. You seem to have struck gold again.


HERE (Deluxe Package)
HERE (black/white/grey limited vinyl with button and coozie)
HERE (black vinyl with button and coozie)
or HERE (CD with button and coozie)