A quick collection of recommendations for you to look into. No, there’s no download links or anything of the sort here. I’m just posting the albums and recommending you check them out. How you go about doing that is totally up to you. Personally? I suggest you actually BUY them. There’s something more personal about actually owning records/CDs you like instead of just a mythical digital copy that only exists in your headphones and as GB’s on your hard drive.

The XX – XX
Call me a hipster if you want (and after you see some of these music recommendations you very well may. whatever.) but I have been on a real kick lately for stripped down electronic pop music. The kind of music the dudes at Pitchfork drool over. The XX absolutely falls into this catagory.  After getting hooked on the new Cold Cave record (more on them in a minute) I started turning an ear towards this particular style of music. After seeing this album repeatedly pop up on “Best of” lists last month I finally pulled the trigger and checked it out. Worth it. Minimal, stripped down and simple. I’m really digging this.

Cold Cave – Love Comes Close
I still can’t believe W. Eisold (the male half of the vox on this record) is the same W. Eisold that was in American Nightmare and Some Girls. But I guess that’s the thing these days isn’t it? Be in a hardcore/punk band and eventually end up doing something different from what you’ve been doing. Cold Cave follows suit. A little more layered than the XX album (in terms of what’s going on musically) but still simple and accessible…if you’re into Electro Pop in even the slightest that is. Oh, and W. Eisold? He does a mean (whether intentional or not) Ian Curtis impression…

Polar Bear Club – Chasing Hamburg
Now here’s a band I wish to god somebody has told me to check out a hell of a lot sooner.  Good stuff on display here, punk rock/rock and roll in the vein of Alkaline Trio and, in my opinion, some Hot Water Music too. And anytime I can hear a little HWM in a band i’m absolutely going to go ga-ga over it.

Felt – Felt 3; A Tribute To Rosie Perez
The third release from indie hip hop favs Felt (Slug from Atmosphere and Murs, just in case you weren’t in the know) is a bit of departure from previous albums. This one brings Aesop Rock into the mix and puts him on the producing side. The result is an album that has a totally different feel and vibe than anything else Felt has released as a group. And, by god, I like it.