At one time mashups were all the rage. Anybody else remember the Eminem vs. AC/DC mashup? Or maybe the Jay-Z vs. The Beatles “Grey Album” was something you listened to on the regular? Whatever the case, at least in the public consciousness, mashups have quietly faded into the background. However, given the recent wave of renewed Beatlemania I think this one might turn some heads and catch some attention.

The Wu Tang Clan vs. The Beatles. 2 of the most important and influential tornadoes of music to their respective genres mashed together to form a massive mix.  What’s the end result? Based on my sampling of the collection as of this writing (currently downloading the full mix) the result is pretty damn good. As for the tracks themselves? It’s Wu Tang accapella’s mashed up with beats made from Beatles samples.

You can check it out and download it by clicking HERE