I have yet to, nor will I ever, buy into this whole E-Reader thing. My wife is completely in love with her iPod Touch and the E-reader functionality it has. She has plowed through more books in recent months since she got the thing than at any other time I can recall in the entire history of our relationship. And, that’s good for her but me? I prefer to actually have a real honest to god book in my hands when I read.  It’s one thing to read my news or whatnot on line, on my blackberry, or whatever. But books? Naw man. Gotta have the real deal.

I currently have a three shelf book shelf in my house completely full of just my books, overflowingly full actually. I also have another 3 shelf book shelf that is a mix of more books and some of my music collection (which itself is ridiculously big and growing daily) just kind of hanging out. I’ve at least started most of those books, some I’ve finished…some I’ve put off to the side because I picked up something else and started reading it. I’d put my love of books on par with my record collecting; Randomly buying stuff, sometimes just because it LOOKS cool, and eventually getting to it and enjoying it.

I recently picked up Mike Wallace and Ian Halpersein’s “Love and Death” a look at the ‘murder’ of Kurt Cobain. A perfect book for me because I’ve always been a believer in the “conspiracy theory” that Kurt Cobain didn’t kill himself. We’ll see if holds together or if it turns into a random mess of half truth and rumor. I’ve heard good things and seen some good comments online so who knows. We’ll see I suppose.

Still makes for an interesting and different follow up from the most recent book I finished; Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol.’ Which was an OK read, even if it was formulaic and predictable.  I still prefer “Angels and Demons” as far as the Robert Langdon series goes.

While I’m currently working on reading “Love & Death” I’m already looking forward to the NEXT book I’ll be reading;  John Heilmann and Mark Halperin’s “Game Change.” A look at the 2008 Presidential Election. I’ve heard a lot of intriguing things about the book and, as somebody who loosely follows/observes politics (something you have to do in this day and age of everything being viewed through a political spectrum it seems) I found myself REALLY wanting to read the book. So, thanks to a ridiculously low price on Amazon ($15 for a brand new, hardcover book? Craaaaaazy) I picked it up and will shortly be reading it. Here’s to hoping the book, with it’s flammable political material (go read the Amazon comments about it) it should make for a fun and interesting read for somebody who likes to observe and absorb politics and political discussion.

These are just two of the books on my mind and read list right now. If I sat here and blogged about all the books on my “to read” pile this would be the longest blog entry in the history of human civilization. It’s a deep list. Anyway, check both of these out because depending on your particular beliefs (be it politics or music) I think you’ll at least be interested as you read which is at a minimum all you can hope for out of a good book.