Got these in the mail yesterday:
You see Glendale’s self titled record and two Lincoln records (one their split with Hoover, the other a self titled record commonly referred to as ‘Watermark’), both of which are about 16-17 years old and in fantastic shape.

The Glendale was a throw in to the deal I made to buy the Lincoln records, a throw in I was more than happy to take. The real gems here for me are obviously the Lincoln records. Who is Lincoln? They were a “emo/hardcore” band out of Morgantown, WV who existed in the early 90’s.

Oh, and they were a big influence on Converge. Yes, THAT Converge.

Don’t believe me?  Try this on for size (compliments of “The Long Road Home” DVD)

A very young, still very raw Converge paying homage to one of the bands that influenced them.

So, ask me again why the vinyl nerd in me is excited as hell to have these records in my collection.