Has it really been a week since I posted an update? Yikes. No good.

My record collection has been growing rather nicely these last couple months. I’m pretty excited about it, now I just need the new needle I ordered for my turntable to show up in the mail so I can actually slide the headphones on and rock these jams.

Some of the things I’ve picked up lately include (sorry for the lack of pictures…I hate posting things like this without them usually):

::The Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique 20th Anniversary.
Found this at Hot Topic the other day on clearance. Was all kinds of stoked (it is my favorite album of all time afterall) to be able to pick it up for $10. It’s a double record on high grade 180 gram vinyl with a sweet gate-fold packaging.

::Blacklisted – Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God
One of two items I won in separate auctions on Limited Pressing. First pressing with a very nice light blue with blaze haze vinyl, only 1500 pressed. Blacklisted can really do no wrong IMO and this still stands as my favorite BL record (but I think, over time, ‘No One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me’ will supplant it) so it’s nice to finally have it on vinyl.

::Various Artists – Juno Original Soundtrack
The other items I picked up off an auction at Limited Pressing. Came on clear orange vinyl and in fantastic condition. I dig this movie and the soundtrack’s not that bad itself, but I more bought this for my wife’s enjoyment because she LOVES the soundtrack. Still a nice looking record and a fine addition to my collection.

::Minus The Bear – They Make Beer Commercials Like This.
My favorite MTB album and now I own it on vinyl. This one is pressed on a grey/magenta mix (limited to 1000 according to Dead Format.)

::Raekwon – Only Built For Cuban Linx 2

The instant classic followup to the MEGA Classic, OB4CL2 carries on the “purple” tradition of the original. To hip hop heads the original OB4CL is often referred to as “the purple tape” because everybody had it on cassette (it came out in ’95, CD’s weren’t the dominate format in the all encompassing way they were prior to the digital explosion) and the cassette was, obviously, purple. So, to pay tribute to that Rae decided to release the record on a double 12″ with both pressed on some really sweet looking Purple wax. Don’t know what the pressing info is but I do know that it looks effin sweet. My only complaint? It’s a double lp and they didn’t do a gate-fold jacket for it. Aaargh! It’s aggravating as all hell trying to get two 12″ records back into the same damn sleeve. But, given how awesome the album looks I’ll deal with this minor annoyance.

I also recently pre-ordered this epic bit of awesome:

Members of Dove used to be in Floor with the guys who went on to form one of my favorite bands; Torche. Dove is similar to Floor (and Torche for that matter) in that they play slow tempo stoner metal type stuff (the most simplistic way I can explain it) and they whip all kinds of ass themselves. Well, they’ve FINALLY gotten around to getting their debut, self titled album out on vinyl and are rewarding those who waited with some AWESOME goodies. Check this out:

-150 green vinyl/150 purple vinyl
-hand numbered three color screen printed covers coordinated to the color of vinyl
-printed LP jackets
-two stickers
-one patch
-printed 11×5.5 inch poster/lyric insert
-various show fliers

Not bad for $17! Not bad at all!

In one final bit of record nerd updating; This coming week should bring another round of awesome records to my mail box; Tim Barry’s “28th and Stonewall” on black/white/grey vinyl as well as the CD version, Tim Barry’s “Rivana Junction” 12″ (can’t remember what color wax…I think it’s green), and all 3 color variations of the Blacklisted “Eccentrichine” 7″ from Six Feet Under Records.

Until next time, here’s a cross section of the things that are keeping me sane right now (other than vinyl of course):

Polar Bear Club ‘Chasing Hamburg’…Howard Zinn ‘A People’s History of The United States’…The Gaslight Anthem ‘The 59 Sound’…the Vinyl Collective messageboards…browsing ebay for random shit…Heilmann and Halperin’s ‘Game Change’…the politics tab at Fark.com…the new Facebook redesign…Razorcake ‘zine #54…