So far, outside of some bitter cold and a slushy mix of snow and ice I have managed to avoid SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!

This is where I had lunch today, notice the lack of a mound of snow outside?

Obviously some of my friends and fellow bloggers on the East Coast haven’t been as lucky as I. And that sucks for them. I know i’d be in full blown Jack Torrance mode right about now if I were in their shoes. But only if I ran out of beer. If I were stranded at home and completely out of beer? Hide the axe (or croquet mallet is you wanna be true to the book)!

Of course, what’s a round of Mother Nature bitchslapping everybody without some humor!? Soooo, with that in mind here’s a back and forth from a messageboard I occasionally go to that pretty much speaks for itself;

“He is in DC, not Leningrad!”

“Might as well be (in Leningrad.) It’s snow-bound and has an ineffective commie government at the moment.”

Hell I voted for Obama and still have hope he and his Administration can pull their shit together but THAT? That shit’s funny.
“Where is the vodka and the healthcare, comrade?”