I know, I know…this blog is quickly turning into another “ooh look at this awesome record I got” blog. But, records (buying them, reading about them, watching auctions on ebay, etc) are a huge part of my day to day lately so why wouldn’t I blog about it? I could blog about the launch of the awesome Google Buzz service, or I could write some opinons about Kevin Smith’s one man war with SouthWest Airlines. But those topics have been talked about and talked about and talked about, by people who are far better writers than I. So, I’ll stick with writing about the latest additions to my record collection if you don’t mind.

Got a couple really awesome things in the mail today. Nothing exceptionally rare…no original pressings of old NYHC 7 inch’s or anything like that. But awesome all the same.

First up, is a split 12 inch from Cold Cave and Prurient called “Stars Explode”

This was originally released on a very limited run of cassettes that sold out ridiculously fast. So the band decided to re-release it on vinyl. Not sure what the pressing info is or how “limited” it might be. Don’t really care though as I’m happy to have the album. Cold Cave has become one of my favorite things, musically, of late. So it’s nice to have this to listen to and enjoy.

Next up it’s a 2nd pressing/re-release of Mastodon’s EPIC masterpiece; “Remission.”

Released on in a wonderfully designed and crafted gatefold sleeve, the double 12 inch behemoth is limited to 1000 for this pressing run. 500 on gold and 500 on purple (which looks closer to pink truth be told, based on pics I’ve seen.) I was lucky enough to score the gold version. It’s true that Mastodon’s last album left me feeling a tad underwhelmed and mighty disappointed THIS album is nothing but pure win. And, second pressing…repressing…don’t care. I’m just happy to have it in my collection now.

That about wraps it up for today’s batch of ‘Awesome Stuff I got in the Mail Today.’ Lots more to come in the future. I’ve got an order to Deathwish and another order out to No Idea that I can’t wait to get; lots of awesome stuff on the way. Not to mention a couple auctions I’ve won recently including a first pressing of Pelican’s self titled debut album and a second pressing of Converge’s epic “No Heroes” album.

Can’t wait.