Nothing else worth talking about right now, so lets take another look inside my mail box and see what goodies reveal themselves.

First up, the second pressing of Converge’s epic new album; “Axe To Fall.” I know a lot of vinyl collectors are flipping their lid over the first pressing, some of those are going for ignorant money on eBay. Nothing new there though as Converge records usually do go pretty high on the secondary market. I’ve got the Tan variant of that pressing myself, and I’ve seen it go for upwards of $50. But I think that market has leveled out or at least it has for that pressing/variant.

Anyway, this is one of two variations for the second pressing of the record, the other being a clear variant that’s a “Tour Exclusive.” This one is “Highlighter Yellow” and 2500 of them were pressed. I love Converge and love the look of a record in this color, so it just made sense that I’d order it.

Secondly, we have a shot of three 7 inches I bought this go ’round from Deathwish. They are, from left to right; the Deathwish exclusive color (cream) of Blacklisted’s latest “Eccentrichine.” The record in the middle is Polar Bear Club’s “Summer of George” EP on Green Marble vinyl and finally we have a pink/white swirl of XO Skeleton’s “Asthmagasm” 7 inch.

I gave XO Skeleton’s a shot, even though I was unfamiliar with them, because of their connection to Cold Cave (and, if you follow this blog you know my love of that particular band.) The Polar Bear Club EP was an easy choice because I have fallen hard in love with that band even though I’m late to the party discovering them. The Blacklisted 7 inch was a necessary pickup because I have unwittingly come close to completing a full collection of that release. Counting this variant/color there are 5 versions of the record on 5 different color variations (not including test pressings) and I now have 4 of them. The only one I need is arguably going to be the hardest to get; a variant with a silk screened cover that was limited to 103. I’m not, by any stretch, a “complitest” in that sense. But as close as I am I figure I might as well give it a shot.

That’s it for now. Still waiting on a pretty good sized order from No Idea and a couple eBay/Limited Pressing auctions to show up.  So, sooner rather than later I’ll throw another one of these updates up for the 3 people who give a damn.