For the longest time I was an anti-beer snob type. I prefered to drink PBR and Miller High Life, not because it’s “cool” or (as my wife likes to taunt) because “i’m a hipster.”  Look, just because I drink cheap beer, keep weird late night hours, enjoy sweaters and levi’s with chuck taylors and listen to alt-country and minimalist electro-pop that doesn’t make me a hipster! Fer godsake, I don’t have a coke habit! and that’s the defining hipster quality isn’t it? But…I digress.

As the last couple of years have gone by I found myself branching out into other types of beers that I would have previously thought of/refered to as “beer snob beer.” I blame my friends Nick and Dylan personally. Especially Nick…he was always talking about Rogue’s. Rogue this and Rogue that. So finally one day I bought a bottle of Rogue Dead Guy Ale and now? Well now you’re apt to find bottles of Rogue outnumbering PBR or High Life. Yes, there’s still room for PBR in my fridge, that’s just the way it is.

So it is with that in mind that I’m naming Rogue Ales, and specifically Rogue Dead Guy Ale, as the “Official” Beer of the Real Talk Live Blog. Go buy yourself a six pack and enjoy.