2K Sports just confirmed to CNBC that Michael Jordan, as rumored earlier, will be featured on the cover of NBA 2K11.



I was searching around looking for some other stuff and stumbled across this.  As of this posting the links works, can’t speak to the quality though as I’m still in the process of downloading.  But, it’s Tupelo and that’s good enough for me!

Uncle Tupelo’s Last Show – http://www.mediafire.com/?mezymzgwja5
5/1/94 SBD
Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO

No Depression
Watch Me Fall
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Fifteen Keys
Long Cut
New Madrid
Atomic Power
High Water
True to Life
We’ve Been Had
Give Back the Key To My Heart
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
Whiskey Bottle
Truck Drivin’ Man
Looking for a Way Out w/ Mike Heidorn
Gimme Three Steps w/ Heidorn and the Bottle Rockets


It’s been awhile, so I figured it was time to bring you the second installment of the Real Talk Live mixtape series. This one’s called “Raisin Hell” because it’s centered around a central theme; cry in your beer, foot stomping, shitkickin alt-country (for the most part, don’t know how much you can say Neko Case is “shitkickin.”)

Here’s the tracklist:
Born into a Light – Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
Caleb’s Grave – Drag The River
Texas Cops – Tim Barry
This Tornado Loves You – Neko Case
Delia’s Gone – Ben Nichols
Country Disappeared – Wilco
Dog Bumped – Tim Barry
Glory – Chuck Ragan
Sixes and Sevens – Lucero
Sixteen Ounces – Truckstop Coffee
Kickdrum Heart – The Avett Brothers
Methamphetamine – Old Crow Medicine Show
Together Across The Happy River – Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves
Cursing Concrete – Rumbleseat
Mom – Lucero

You can download the mix by going HERE

It’s been cold. It’s been snowy. Winter has straight sucked. But, it’s ok now:

Pitchers and Catchers have started reporting to Spring Training. Baseball 2010 is officially here!

So far, outside of some bitter cold and a slushy mix of snow and ice I have managed to avoid SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!

This is where I had lunch today, notice the lack of a mound of snow outside?

Obviously some of my friends and fellow bloggers on the East Coast haven’t been as lucky as I. And that sucks for them. I know i’d be in full blown Jack Torrance mode right about now if I were in their shoes. But only if I ran out of beer. If I were stranded at home and completely out of beer? Hide the axe (or croquet mallet is you wanna be true to the book)!

Of course, what’s a round of Mother Nature bitchslapping everybody without some humor!? Soooo, with that in mind here’s a back and forth from a messageboard I occasionally go to that pretty much speaks for itself;

“He is in DC, not Leningrad!”

“Might as well be (in Leningrad.) It’s snow-bound and has an ineffective commie government at the moment.”

Hell I voted for Obama and still have hope he and his Administration can pull their shit together but THAT? That shit’s funny.
“Where is the vodka and the healthcare, comrade?”

I like beer, but I don’t like beer pong (never saw the point.) This however? This is hilarious.

The Real Talk Live branch of Team CoCo approves of this message: