Last night I dove into explaining what I felt was the best explanation possible of what it all meant.  And judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction I’ve gotten from random readers, friends, and fellow Lost fanatics I’d say I did a pretty damn good job.

So, since I’ve got that out of the way I’m going to just post, in random and short bursts, my favorite moments of the 2.5 hours that was the LOST finale.

:Jin & Sun having their moment of clarity

:the verbal confrontation between Jack and Locke when they crossed paths on the way to the center of the Island (“it’s a surprise.”)

:the entire scene in the alt-time line with Kate, Claire, Charlie, Aaron, Daniel and Charlotte.


:the entire first 30 minutes or so of the entire show really.

And most important of all. The biggest “moment” of the show for me?


Can this guy be killed by conventional weaponry/ways? He’s been in an airplane crash landing, shot at, slammed an out of fuel helicopter into the ocean at max speed, blasted in the face by a flying steel door and damn near sunk to the bottom of the ocean in a sub. AND HE STILL KEEPS COMING BACK!


18 seconds of pure glory.

So far, outside of some bitter cold and a slushy mix of snow and ice I have managed to avoid SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!

This is where I had lunch today, notice the lack of a mound of snow outside?

Obviously some of my friends and fellow bloggers on the East Coast haven’t been as lucky as I. And that sucks for them. I know i’d be in full blown Jack Torrance mode right about now if I were in their shoes. But only if I ran out of beer. If I were stranded at home and completely out of beer? Hide the axe (or croquet mallet is you wanna be true to the book)!

Of course, what’s a round of Mother Nature bitchslapping everybody without some humor!? Soooo, with that in mind here’s a back and forth from a messageboard I occasionally go to that pretty much speaks for itself;

“He is in DC, not Leningrad!”

“Might as well be (in Leningrad.) It’s snow-bound and has an ineffective commie government at the moment.”

Hell I voted for Obama and still have hope he and his Administration can pull their shit together but THAT? That shit’s funny.
“Where is the vodka and the healthcare, comrade?”

I like beer, but I don’t like beer pong (never saw the point.) This however? This is hilarious.

The Great Snow Storm of 2009, the strongest snow storm this part of the country had seen in about 11 years, has come and gone. Hundreds of thousands are still without power and some are still without heat. People are busting their asses to get things fixed and running again but the storm was just so overwhelming.  Of course, there’s still the matter of dealing with some hurt feelings because there are those who were stuck on I-77 for 20+ hours because nobody thought that a highway running through curvy mountainroads needed to be shutdown until the second day of the storm when the damage, so to speak, had already been done and people were working on day 2 of sleeping in their cars on the side of the road.

In fact, I have a photo from the press conference announcing the shut down of I-77.

Spokesperson: All is well. Do not panic. Folks, folks…calm down. We are in control!

(shout out to my friend Chris for the photo of the snowman in his yard)

a collection of randomness from the last few weeks; things i’ve learned, observations, etc.Icon_guy_working_at_computer

*In the Commonwealth of Virginia when they post “AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY” on crossovers between Interstate Highway Lanes THEY actually MEAN it.

*Speaking of The Commonwealth; Why do their Trooper patrol cars say “STATE POLICE” and not “COMMONWEALTH POLICE.” I mean, they ARE a Commonwealth afterall right? (I got jokes. Poor jokes, but jokes all the same)

*When it comes to news stories about Religion some people will flat out REFUSE to believe that just maybe there is another side of the story and will turn into vile, condescending pricks at the drop of a hat. Not that this is a big shock to me and it’s not something I just learned recently. I was more reminded of this fact recently

*People will spend massive amount of money to see a band live then drink so much they not only attempt to ruin the fun for everybody within 15 feet of them but there’s no way in hell they’ll even remember the trip or the band’s performance. This is a phenomenon I have never, nor will ever, understand.

*mentioning the word HEALTH CARE REFORM will send even the most rational person into a raging fit of irrational arguing. And that’s true for both sides of the political coin.

*College Football Season is so close you can almost taste it.

*a lot of so-called “heavy” bands could learn a lot from COALESCE (their new album OX is fantastic)

*No matter how many times you bitch slap them some people will come back begging for more while thinking you’re to stupid too see through their thinly veiled attempts.

*Sports teams never seem to learn what the rest of society figured out a long time ago; Some people are just scum plain and simple. No matter how fast their 40 time is or how strong their arm is.

*Touchscreen cellphones are bad enough (and god they are horrible) but…THIS? Really??

*Hate ’em or love ’em Nike can still release a pretty sweet looking shoe every now and again. At least they’re not producing crap like THIS

*If you’re going to shell out for a HD TV make sure you get your TV channels from Direct TV, or even Dish Network. Having just converted back to Direct TV after 6 months on a cable provider that only offered 10 or so HD channels I’ve learned that lesson.

That’s it for now. I’ll leave you with some album/tv show/book/whatever recommendations i’ve been into of late that you should check out.

Coalesce – OX
The Dead Weather – Horehound
Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King
Clutch – Strange Cousins From The West

When You Are Engulfed in Flames – David Sedaris
The Appeal – John Grisham

Rescue Me (although the most recent episodes have been aggravating me lately)
Better off Ted (quirky and fun..I hope ABC actually does something with it)
Spongebob Square Pants (comes with the territory of being a father)
Entourage (I know a lot of people have fallen off the bandwagon, but I’m still enjoying the show)